We’ve paused rentals – hope to be back soon!

Truckee RV – Family RV Rentals around Lake Tahoe

Update Feb 2024. We’ve paused rentals for the summer of 2024. Our family has taken over a different business (Truckee Gymnastics) that is consuming most of our time. We hope to back at RV rentals in the near future though … stay tuned!

Update Feb 2023. Tahoe is experiencing an unprecedented winter. It’s plausible that our RV will not be able to get out until late May, due to being encased in snow.


We offer RV rentals in the greater Lake Tahoe area, and are based out of Truckee, CA.

Full trip customization is our specialty, working with our partners in the Tahoe area, we can support just about any activity request.

Our RV is listed on Outdoorsy.com & RVshare.com which both show the full availability schedule. If you understand how AirBnB works, then you’ll get it. These platforms keep everyone safe by operating as a neutral third party for Credit Card Processing and Insurance.

Click on the links below to get routed to Outdoorsy. We can send you a customized quote through the platform.

‘Eagle 5′ – 22’ Itasca Spirit – Sleeps 4 Adults + 2 Kids

Our Focus is Family Time

Spending time making memories with the family is what a vacation should be about, and RV trips maximize that time. Forget renting a car, checking into hotels, unpacking, repacking etc etc. In an RV, before you even arrive it’s an adventure.

With our conveniently sized RV’s (<25ft), driving and parking are a breeze, with no compromises on the amenities. You can expect a full kitchen, bath, multiple sleeping areas, and of course, entertainment options galore.

We offer the ability to help customize your trip to the Tahoe region, from suggesting campgrounds, to fully customized itinerary’s that include Hiking, Mountain Biking, Kayaks, Dirt Bikes, you name it!

Partnering with other local Truckee businesses allows us to make your stay in the Sierra’s special.


RV Rental Insurance – Binders … what the?!

Without the included insurance provided by RVShare and Outdoorsy, we probably wouldn’t be renting our RV’s right now! Understanding the difference between paying for the included insurance vs providing your own is important and they can also be complementary. There are some advantages to using your own insurance, mostly price & roadside assistance, so in …


Update Feb 2023: We are down to 1 RV at the moment, having sold our second one. Stay tuned as we determine what our plan is for summer 2023. Lake Tahoe is having an unprecedented winter, and there may be snow on the ground through late April/May, blocking the remaining RV in.

Several years ago in a quest to maximize the amount of time I would receive for paternity leave, I tried to rent an RV. The experience was horrible. Costs were sky high, there were crazy clauses in the insurance waivers, the whole process just kinda stunk. I ended up buying a used RV out of frustration with the rental market.

I was blown away by how functional and easy RV travel was. I had the wrong impression of RV’s and the culture around them, they aren’t just for ‘retired’ folks, they are excellent for family travel! Bathroom breaks are a breeze. Instead of rushing everywhere you can simply enjoy the ride.