Update Feb 2023: We are down to 1 RV at the moment, having sold our second one. Stay tuned as we determine what our plan is for summer 2023. Lake Tahoe is having an unprecedented winter, and there may be snow on the ground through late April/May, blocking the remaining RV in.

Several years ago in a quest to maximize the amount of time I would receive for paternity leave, I tried to rent an RV. The experience was horrible. Costs were sky high, there were crazy clauses in the insurance waivers, the whole process just kinda stunk. I ended up buying a used RV out of frustration with the rental market.

I was blown away by how functional and easy RV travel was. I had the wrong impression of RV’s and the culture around them, they aren’t just for ‘retired’ folks, they are excellent for family travel! Bathroom breaks are a breeze. Instead of rushing everywhere you can simply enjoy the ride.